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Marina Facilities Maintenance

At Oasis Marinas, we care deeply about facility management, maintenance, safety and compliance. 

Marina facilities must be well maintained and regularly inspected to ensure that they are safe. They also need to be designed and constructed to minimize hazards for employees, boaters and their families. Oasis Marinas facilities management engineers will work with you to coordinate and direct the maintenance of your facility, including space allocation, infrastructure, operations and maintenance, engineering, housekeeping and other related services. We will also ensure that your marina is in compliance with all regulations, so that you don’t have to worry.
In addition, it is our goal to minimize the total life cycle cost of your facility, so that you can reduce waste and maximize revenue. We develop comprehensive facilities life cycle plans that are in concert with your long-term vision, daily operations and target financial projections.   By integrating professional, industry-leading best practices with state of the art facilities management software, Oasis will help you stay on top of your facility so that you can reap the rewards of long-term planning and efficiency. 

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