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  • What happens to our employees?
    Oasis is not in the business of putting people out of work. We want to introduce ourselves to you and meet everyone on the existing team. Everyone that passes a background investigation will be given an opportunity on the Oasis team.
  • What parts of the marina do you operate?
    Oasis manages all aspects of marina management, including operations, accounting, marketing, and development. We have owners that have retired and are traveling or whatever they have always wanted to do, simply put, Oasis takes care of the property and its owners.
  • What do you charge?
    Our fees vary by operation and property complexity. We have plans that include management fees while others are leases. We customize plans by owner and property and are open to unique compensation plans.
  • Do I still need insurance for my marina?
    The Marina owner must still maintain Property and Casualty insurance on the marina.
  • Where do you operate marinas?
    We currently operate marinas all along the East Coast from Rhode Island to Florida as well as the Great Lakes. We are expanding to the West Coast and internationally into the Bahamas, St Lucia, and Panama.
  • Is there a minimum / maximum marina sizes you work with?
    No. There is not, yet properties must be viable to enter into a management contract of agreement.
  • Do you buy and sell marinas also or just manage them?
    Oasis Marinas is a marina management company. We do not buy marinas, however, we can introduce you to investors and potential buyers.
  • Do you work with other hotel brands and municipal marinas or just privately owned?
    Oasis Marinas works with both scenarios. We currently manage properties run by major hotel brands, owned, and sublet by municipalities or port authorities, in addition, privately owned properties.
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