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The Boater's Lounge - Ep 4 Clean Marinas

We sat down with Donna Morrow, Maryland's Clean Marina Program Manager and Chesapeake and Coastal Service representative, to talk about clean marinas and the certification program that is so important for marina mangers to adopt in this region. Launched in 1999, Maryland's program is one of the oldest Clean Marina programs in the country, and one of the best!

In this conversation, hear:

1. How Maryland's Clean Marina program started and the program's purpose

2. The process for marinas to achieve certification 3. Flexible and adaptable clean boating practices 4. and adjustments we can make to be cleaner on the water Thank you Donna for this informative and educational discussion! To learn about how to get your marina involved in the program, view the Guidebook here: And see all of the Department of Natural Resources important initiatives by clicking below: Sign up for the DNR's free newsletter to stay in the know!

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