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The Boater's Lounge - Ep 15 Getting Underway

This week our focus is back on education as we have our boating resource, Bob Arrington, here to talk to us on navigating waterways outside of the marina, including inlets and channels.

These narrower waterways prove to be difficult for boaters as water is rushing in, and other boats are moving quickly around you. It's important to stay on your toes and "keep your head on a swivel" in these situations so you can stay on course and get to your destination safely.

In this episode, Bob covers...

  1. Distractions while immediately entering a channel or narrow waterway

  2. Recommendations for staying on course

  3. Technology and apps he utilizes to best navigate the waterways

  4. Inlets and what makes them so tricky

  5. and timing inlet runs so that you don't experience any turbulent conditions!

As Bob mentions, you can see more on navigating waterways with the Coast Pilot resources linked here:

We will have more from Bob coming up each month to help prepare you for the boating season ahead!

To learn more from Bob Arrington, check out his website here:

Have a guest or topic you'd like us to have in the Boater's Lounge? Let us know! Email our team at

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