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The Boater's Lounge - Ep 10 Boat Handling & Safety!

We brought Bob Arrington, experienced captain, writer, consultant & speaker on the podcast this week for PART 1 of his educational series with us. This week we are coving a huge pain point for most boaters - new and veteran captains! - the docking and boat handling experience at marinas.

In this episode, hear Bob go over...

  1. How to best maneuver in the marina basin

  2. Techniques to help ease docking anxiety

  3. Questions to ask before arriving at the marina to be prepared

  4. How to prepare your vessel for docking

  5. and what impact tides & currents have on your vessel and how to work with them to ensure safe handling and docking.

To learn more from Bob Arrington, check out his website here:

Have a guest or topic you'd like us to have in the Boater's Lounge? Let us know! Email our team at

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