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Our Marina Services

Marina Management Services


Oasis Marinas has brought together experts in marina management and the hospitality industry to offer world-class business management and facilities maintenance services to your marina. Our comprehensive operations and management policies will set your marina apart from the competition and help you continue to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.  

Marina Facilities Maintenance

At Oasis Marinas, we care deeply about facility management, maintenance, safety and compliance. 

Marina facilities must be well maintained and regularly inspected to ensure that they are safe. They also need to be designed and constructed to minimize hazards for employees, boaters and their families. Oasis Marinas facilities management engineers will work with you to coordinate and direct the maintenance of your facility, including space allocation, infrastructure, operations and maintenance, engineering, housekeeping and other related services. We will also ensure that your marina is in compliance with all regulations, so that you don’t have to worry.



Marina Customer Service

A cornerstone of the Oasis experience is a fun, social and consistent customer experience. We believe that if boaters are having a great time at your marina, you will too.​ The Oasis team has more than 30 years of experience in customer service and hospitality best practices. We will help you implement policies to ensure that your customers are receiving the best service possible from your employees and vendors. Further, we have the tools needed to manage the customer experience at your marina from the moment a slip is reserved, until checkout. 

Let the Oasis Marinas team show you what remarkable looks like.

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