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Our System. Your Marina. Everyone's Oasis.

For more information about Oasis and our marina management services, give us a ring at (410)741-3773 or email us at info@oasismarinas.com

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Oasis Marinas Marina Management Services

Oasis Marinas Marina Management Services

Oasis Marinas has brought together experts in marina facilities management and the hospitality industry to offer world-class business management and facilities maintenance services to your marina. Our comprehensive operations and management policies will set your marina apart from the competition and help you continue to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.  

But, we can’t get there without you. Our goal is to be your partner. We will take the time to get to know you, your marina, your goals and your challenges so that we can give you a system that works. Together, we can create a high-quality and enjoyable experience for you and your customers – a true Oasis for everyone. 

Our System. Your Marina. Everyone’s Oasis.